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No. 3141: No, They'll Never Stop Making Frozen Pudding Pops.

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No, They'll Never Stop Making Frozen Pudding Pops.

First | Previous | 2017-12-24 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3141

Strip by: Michael Jacoby

Caption: Have you ever had someone wake you up just to ask you if you are awake?
{Jon is sleeping, then Garfield jumps on him, waking the former}
Garfield: Jon! Jon!
Jon: {abruptly awake} Wha! Huh?
Garfield: Would it disturb your sleep if I woke you up?
Caption: Has somebody ever waved to the person behind you but you waved back anyway?
{In a snowy scene, a snowman's stick arms is reverberating back and forth, as if waving. Jon walks by and waves back to the apparently-waving snowman.}
{Jon continues going along smiling, then stops in complete shock.}
Caption: Have you ever searched days [sic] for your lost shades and then found them on your forehead?
{Jon is reading a newspaper as Garfield sulks next to him.}
Jon: The world is constantly changing.
{A large sphere appears as electricity zaps near it}
{Odie has a bone in his mouth}
Garfield: {smiling, to us} It's the dreaded glasses-on-the-forehead syndrome.
{The T-800 appears naked from the sphere and looks around menacingly}
Caption: Have you ever slept all night on top of your arm and felt for sure they'd have to amputate it?
Jon: {holding out his arm} Speak to me, arm!
Garfield: {doing likewise} I'll never use this arm again as long as I live.
Caption: Have you ever not heard what someone said so you asked them to repeat it again? But then the second time you understood even less so you just smiled and nodded your head?
{The T-800, now swathed in biker clothing, is riding a motorcycle}
{The T-800 enters a building with a gun. Jon and Garfield look on in horror. Could this be the end?}
T-800: The world is constantly changing.
Jon: Come with me if you want to live.
{In a brief green-tinted moment, the T-1000 slips through the bars.}
{Jon looks on bored}
Garfield: Meow.
Jon: What did you say?
Garfield: Your guess is as good as mine. They haven't stopped making frozen pudding pops, have they?
{The T-800 brandishes his gun}
T-800: Go! Run!
{Jon, now in jogging clothes, runs, sweating and smiling for some reason. Garfield runs, too. He's also strangely happy about this ordeal.}
Caption: Have you ever been about to sneeze, then you freeze, it's a tease and you look like you have an awful disease?
Garfield: Welcome to Garfield's silent theater!
{A large drawing of Garfield's smiling face}
Caption: A Garfield strip. Garfield (the cat) and his owner are sitting at the table and the owner is reading a newspaper.
Garfield: YAWN!
Garfield: CHOO!
Garfield: {smiling at us} For those of you who came in late, here's what you missed.
Caption: The world is constantly changing. In the second panel, Garfield looks scared.
Caption: stopped making frozen pudding pops, have they?
T-800: Yes, it takes control of the internet and enslaves humanity.
{Garfield stares at us angrily}
T-800: A resistance led by Ryan North and Randall Munroe hacks into the system and sends me back in time to stop the meme from ever being created.
Caption: Square Root of Minus Garfield: Always reminding you of [unintelligible].
T-800: But the meme has sent back a second Terminator to stop me. An M-1000. A [unintelligible] -tude. ...mimetic polyalloy. It can shift...
{Two multicolored Jons}
Jon: The world remains changing.
Caption: Have you ever had your face grazed...but you thought it was a...
Garfield: Pudding munch munch pudding as every y?
{A vividly colored section with a black rectangle in the middle}
Caption: Have you ever [unintelligible] you then [unintelligible] We've all been there.
Garfield: {perhaps it's Garfield?} They've stopped making frozen pudding pops.
Garfield: I'm alone.
Caption: You have no idea how alone you are, Garfield.
Garfield: Making making frozen pudding pops, have they?
Caption: Kill time.
SFX: Kiss.
Garfield: YAWN!
Caption: Have you ever wanted a snack that you've never tried so you bought a bag of air, but there were chips inside?
{The T-800 fights the M-1000, who has turned into a pair of pliers}
Caption: A typical Garfield strip-
Jon: Jim Davis bags of again!
{The fight continues as the M-1000 turns into Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty}
Caption: They haven't stopped making frozen pudding pops, have they?
{Some crudely drawn versions of the infamous Nov. 2001 strip}
{The M-1000 turns into Jane Goodall}
Caption: Have you been fully [unintelligible] your belt was a snake or dated relatives by mistake?
Garfield: Garfield's silent theater.
{As the M-1000 turns into Elvis, Jon walks by angrily with a burnt hat on his head as Garfield looks on}
Jon: This isn't a hat! It's [unintelligible]
T-800: Hasta la vista, baby!
Drawing: Glad that passed!
{The M-1000 falls into the molten steel}
Caption: Have you ever LOLSHTYWFOATYADYT?*
{The M-1000 briefly turns into Munch's The Scream}
{The M-1000 melts away}
{Gary is laughing so hard his toupee falls off his head}
Gary: HAW! HAW!
Jon: Gary? ...Uh, Gary?
Garfield: {to someone off panel} We need a net over here!
Jon: Phew! It's over!
T-800: No. There is one more thing associated with the meme. And it must be destroyed also.
{Garfield looks at us terrified}
Garfield: You mean they have to stop making frozen pudding pops?
Caption: Have you ever shot through space on the back of a cat or had a dinosaur laugh at you because of your cheese hat?
{A large sign that reads “NO”}
Jon: I'm not paying for this card!
Caption: Have you ever woken up early, finished your quarterly reports, brushed your teeth, taken a shower, put on a suit, eaten breakfast, pulled out of your driveway, and then realized you don't have a job?
{Garfield is waving his arms wildly into the face of a panicked Jon}
Jon: Are you okay?
Caption: Have you ever been singing and opened a wormhole in the middle of the chorus and it swallowed your soul?
{Garfield, asleep in his bed, flies through space, about to enter a wormhole. He comes out of the wormhole an uncanny mess, with black eye sockets}
Caption: Have you ever? Have you ever? We've all been there...
Footnote: *Laughed out loud so hard that your wig fell off and then you almost dropped your taco.

The author writes:

I am pretty well-aware of the infamous "pudding pops" meme on SRoMG, even getting a little winded typing all the SROMG strip numbers below. I searched the site for "frozen pudding pops" (quotes included). If it had the phrase, it was going into this strip. So, included in this strip are all of the SRoMG strips about "frozen pudding pops" as of today, July 21, 2017, as well as the original Garfield strip from November 2001.

I copied and pasted each strip into Photoshop, placed the strips in the middle of the file, keeping the respective sizes of the original strips, and set the blending mode to Multiply for all of them (and had to lower the opacity of the Pac-Man strip so that the middle of the image wouldn't appear too dark).

As an aside, I have to wonder if, back in 2009/10 (whenever he made #268), Wes White knew what he would start.

[[Original strip: 2001-11-28.

Original Square Root of Minus Garfields: #268, #332, #335, #337, #390, #398, #411, #460, #474, #478, #486, #487, #491, #510, #516, #539, #547, #558, #570, #580, #586, #590, #594, #598, #603, #613, #618, #620, #621, #622, #623, #624, #625, #723, #797, #830, #863, #901, #945, #993, #998, #1089, #1112, #1142, #1183, #1215, #1285, #1319, #1351, #1371, #1408, #1422, #1469, #1526, #1643, #1645, #1671, #1837, #1856, #1889, #1900, #1934, #1946, #1990, #2032, #2035, #2043, #2070, #2125, #2195, #2308, #2313, #2370, #2387, #2527, #2662, #2866, #2871, and #2933.]]

Original strip: 2001-11-28.