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No. 310: Garfield, 2 Seconds Out-of-Sync

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Garfield, 2 Seconds Out-of-Sync

First | Previous | 2010-03-25 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=310

Strip by: Quaternion

Jon: I've put the cookie jar just 2 seconds out-of-sync where Garfield can't reach it.
{Garfield runs into the comic from the right panel, with a vaulting pole extending right across all three panels into the left panel}
{Jon hides his face in his hands}

The author writes:

This one was inspired by a scene in Doctor Who - The End of Time, where the Doctor puts the TARDIS a second out-of-sync to hide it. While this seems like a brilliant idea at first, shouldn't it just get a second older if he puts it into the past, or disappear and reappear a second later if he puts it into the future?

The Daleks pull off the same thing in the Season 4 Finale, and I think the Star Trek: TNG episode "Time's Arrow" also qualifies, although it's concealed with ludicrous amounts of technobabble:

Data reports that his temporal analysis indicates a synchronic distortion in the areas emanating triolic waves. The displacement is a positive .004 percent which is enough to render the Devidians invisible due to being out of phase with the away team.
Memory Alpha

Most disturbingly, I couldn't find a relevant TV Tropes page, which proves that the end of time is indeed near. (Although a combination of San Dimas Time, Portal to the Past and a total failure of The Slow Path comes close.)

EDIT: After submitting this strip, the author initiated the process to create the TV Tropes page Just One Second Out Of Sync.

Original strip: 1991-01-21.