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No. 2874: April Fools!

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April Fools!

First | Previous | 2017-04-01 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2874

Strip by: Manyhills

Garfield: {carrying a bucket of water} April Fools!
{Garfield has upturned the bucket on Odie's head}
Odie: That was extremely unoriginal
Garfield: Maybe... I am the fool

The author writes:

I was really proud of this joke, and I was going to put it up last year, but then I discovered that a lot of the other people I'd told about it ripped it off and it just made me too disheartened.

A year later, I'm still not any less disheartened, but I'm a lot more used to being disheartened, so it's okay.

[[Original strips: 2001-02-24, 2015-07-22..]]

Original strips: 2001-02-24, 2015-07-22.