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No. 2825: Garfield Minus Tomato Paste

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Garfield Minus Tomato Paste

First | Previous | 2017-02-11 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2825

Strip by: KelpTheGreat

{Garfield is looking out a window}
Garfield: That ice should be good for some yuks.
{He sees Odie slipping on ice, Odie falls}
Garfield: Ice, one. Odie, nothing.
{A mail carrier walks by}
Garfield: Watch this.
{The mail carrier slips and letters fly everywhere out of his mail sack}
Garfield: Air mail!
{Jon walks by, carrying a sack of groceries. He slips and falls.}
Garfield: Have a nice trip, Jon!
{Jon lies motionless on the ground, blood flowing from his head and collecting in a large pool.}
Garfield: OH NO!
Garfield: JON IS DEAD

The author writes:

It was more difficult than I thought to edit out the bottle and fill it in with some more blood. As per my usual, the end result looks okay as long as you don't look too closely. Also as per my usual, someone ends up dead. ^_^ (At t he time of this writing, 5 of my submissions, not including this one, have a fatality of some sort, although not all five have made it onto the site yet.)

[[Original strip: 1983-02-20.]]

Original strip: 1983-02-20.