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No. 2815: Square Root of Garfield and Friends

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Square Root of Garfield and Friends

First | Previous | 2017-02-01 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2815

Strip by: DanielBT

Garfield: I don't like not being culturally relevant.
Garfield: Maybe I should target a younger demographic
Jon: Garfield, have you seen my pacifier?
Logo: Garfield and Friends Babies
Garfield: I don't want to approach Nermal levels of cuteness.
Garfield: What if I removed myself from the equation?
Logo: Garfield and Friends Minus Garfield: U.S. Acres
Garfield: People aren't interested in seeing farm animals
Garfield: And Jon on his own is just too weird. I should be around to establish some sort of creative control.
Garfield: Audiences are generally finicky, so I'll just stick to what I know. Chances are they won't be able to tell the difference.
Logo: Randomized Garfield and Friends
Jon: Hey, Garfield! It's hot and humid today! The conditions are perfect! Let's go!
(Jon resignedly pours milk down Garfield's throat)
Garfield: We have a winner!
Garfield: Wow! This is easier than I thought!
with just a single push of a button...
Garfield: I can generate dozens of potential plots! This computer program is perfect!
Logo: The Garfield Show
Garfield: What? What is this?
Garfield: Who could have done this to me?
{A spider at a computer is rapidly clicking mouse buttons}
SFX: Clik Clik Clik Clik Clik Clik Clik Clik Clik Clik Clik

The author writes:

After seeing the original comic, and Camwoodstock's take on it, I decided to combine as many Garfield spinoffs as I could, and things just exploded from there.

The panels used for the Randomized Garfields are all from rare Quickies that were based on daily strips instead of Sundays.

TV Tropes link.

[[Original strips: 2014-06-19, 1989-09-14, 1991-09-23, 1991-04-01, 2013-04-05, 2000-02-20, 2008-09-26.]]

Original strips: 1989-09-14, 1991-04-01, 1991-09-23, 2000-02-20, 2008-09-26, 2013-04-05, 2014-06-19.