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No. 2812: Meta Commentary

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Meta Commentary

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2812

Strip by: Crazy56U

{Jon is at the computer, talking to Garfield}
Jon: Check out this SRoMG strip I made, Garfield!
{cut to the strip, where Garfield is approaching his bed. The date shown is 08-28.}
Garfield: Now to enter my time travel machine.
{Garfield is asleep in his bed}
Garfield: Z
{Garfield, now awake, is standing up in his bed. The date has be altered to be 08-29.}
Garfield: And, just like that, it's tomorrow!
{cut back to Jon and Garfield, blankly staring at the computer}
Jon: No, wait, this is terrible...

The author writes:

True story: that strip Jon "made"? That was a strip I was going to submit to the site.

I was looking at #2278: Day Tripper, and thought of an alternate version of the punchline, as you see here. However, it was only after making the edit that I realized it was bad. Hence, this strip.

[[Original strip: 1996-10-12, 2012-08-28.]]

Original strips: 1996-10-12, 2012-08-28.