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No. 2760: Samples

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First | Previous | 2016-12-08 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2760

Strip by: Anonymous, Xindaris

{Garfield sees Odie dreaming of a burger}
Garfield: Amateur
{Garfield dreams of FOUR burgers}

Jon: That was Mrs. Feeny. She told me what you did
Jon: Her tulip garden will never be the same!
Garfield: Neither will Mrs. Feeney. You should've seen her
Jon: The little victory dance was also uncalled for
Garfield: Why?... I let her lead

Garfield: Fore!
Garfield: Rats! Landed in a bear trap!

The author writes:

Xindaris writes:

As a follow-up to #2468: Coffie, I eventually managed to track down the program I was talking about in that one. Well, more like someone in the forums found it immediately as soon as that strip was published, and then I took some time to actually get it. So I went to try and use it and, surprise surprise, it doesn't work on modern computers.

I am not an expert in virtual computer running, but I managed to sort of get a Windows 98 virtual machine running and install the comic maker on it. The only problem is that the comic maker's ONLY export function is "print" and I could not despite a lot of effort find a way to make that virtual machine print to a file. Instead I used screenshotting, which I think results in lesser-quality images. Included here are the three "Sample" strips that the comic maker program has available when you first boot it up. The author of all three of them is just "Author", so there's no telling whether Jim Davis or somebody at Scholastic or some random guy off the street made them. I have to wonder whether any of these is actually a reproduction of an existing strip from somewhere.

Whoever it was, I want to talk to them about the errors in the second sample strip: the background color is just ONE pixel down from where it would cover the entire background, and the window is also one pixel below where it probably should be. Speaking of that one, though, does else anyone remember Mrs. Feeney? I may be wrong, but I don't think there's ever been an SRoMG dedicated to her.

These aren't presented in exactly the format they would be in if I'd managed to print to an image somehow. Normally the size of 3 regular panels (or 1 regular panel and 1 big panel) is treated as "one line" and it wraps down to the next, so that the result is friendly to printing on a portrait-oriented paper.