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No. 2753: Garfield Adventure

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Garfield Adventure

First | Previous | 2016-12-01 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2753

Strip by: Nathanial Murray

{Jon scratches his chin, as if in thought, and smiles, while Garfield stares blankly.}
Jon: You know what we could use in our lives?
{Jon now raises a finger with a happy expression.}
Jon: A wacky adventure!
{Garfield raises a finger up as well, but his expression stays the same.}
Garfield: I'm in.
{Garfield now raises his hand up.}
Garfield: As long as you're my talking dog sidekick, and I'm the human.
{Jon looks defeated.}

The author writes:

In reference to Adventure Time, a cartoon I enjoy a lot. If Garfield was interested in having an adventure, he'd want the lead role. Even if he'd be more suited as the orange, smart-alec animal character.

[[Original strip: 2003-09-05.]]

Original strip: 2003-09-05.