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No. 2748: Gar

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First | Previous | 2016-11-26 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2748

Strip by: Buffalo

{Six different strips are laid in a 2x3 format. The comics appear to look as if the characters were two-fifths finished, having a mixture of actual color and white coloring.}
Jon: Hey! It's sto
Jon: Let's g
Garfield: See what happens w
Garfield: It's been a long tim
{Jon and Garfield look at unwashed dishes}
Jon: We nee
Garfield: We're bac
Garfield: I must c
Garfield: Whew! I f
Jon: Have you see
Garfield: Def
Jon: Ah, spr
Jon: A time whe
Jon: What does hap
Garfield: You hold you
Mouse: Mm
Mouse: Cheese wi
Garfield: Mice are s

The author writes:

Had this idea come to me recently. Grab six strips and fill some spots in with white. Make it look "unfinished". And I did just that. I'm also not that good with fractions, as these barely look 2/5.

[[Original strips: 1982-07-19 (Slide 2), 1989-08-26 (Slide 1), 2001-04-10 (Slide 5), 2006-11-09 (Slide 3), 2009-10-19 (Slide 4), 2016-02-10 (Slide 6).]]

Original strips: 1982-07-19, 1989-08-26, 2001-04-10, 2006-11-09, 2009-10-19, 2016-02-10.