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No. 2737: Eighth Anniversary

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Eighth Anniversary

First | Previous | 2016-11-15 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2737

Strip by: PartyEscortBotBeans

Garfield: For those of you who came in late, here's what you missed.
{Recap starts...}
Garfield: Have we dynamite?
Garfield: We can't get our minds off that ham in the fridge.
{Jon is swept away in a tide of fractal patterns as Garfield eats them.}
Garfield: There's no such thing...
Jon: My cat somehow ate it before it arrived!
Garfield: I have friends in high places.
Jon: {talking to a giant number 1} I couldn't find my hat!
Garfield: Jon! You lost another pound!
{Jon is shocked as the giant number 1 turns into a number 62}
Garfield: {with no arms, to Odie, who also has no arms} Odie, there's nobody as peculiar as you are.
Garfield: {to Character 22} You asked her out, didn't you?
Character 22: Shot me down like a one-winged duck.
Jon: I'll stuff my mouth full of bananas...
Jon: Then you tickle me!
Garfield: We are the bored.
Jon: I know, Garfield!
{Garfield is struck by lightning}
Garfield: {severely damaged, and with smoke coming off him} That sign was somewhat understated.
Jon: What happened to that last digit of pi I was saving?
Garfield: {patting Jon on the cheek} 3.14159265358979323846264338328...
SFX: pat pat
{The panel is golden}
Jon: Our only thought is to entertain you.
Garfield: Feed me.
{The panel is 8-bit}
Jon: Hey, there's comics on the internet!
{All of the first Garfield strip in one panel. The text is illegible.}
{Garfield is dancing}
Jon: {off-screen} Hey! Why is Odie's bowl covered in blood?!?
Garfield: He makes a lovely fire.
Caption: I can has lasgana?
Garfield: {sitting on a TV} The world is my bed.
Realistic Jon: Garfield, there was a pan of lasagna here.
Jon: Garfield?
{Garfield bounces around}
Jon: But master, it was probably overcooked already.
Garfield: {with one eye} You know how i demand my food to be served.
{Garfield pushes Odie down, where he falls a looooong way...}
{Garfield Linus Garfield. The original one.}
{Garfield is thrown out of a window}
{Garfield, subtractively blended with the environment, walks by Jon}
Garfield: Ever notice how cats are able to blend into the background?
{Garfield, Odie and Jon speak in tiny, illegible text.}
SFX: PLOP {Jon whacks Garfield on the table until he spits out a steak}
{Jon is turning blue in the water}
Jon: Saaay, that one looks like a vine.
Garfield: Burp.
Garfield: doots I fi ebyaM... ti no sdrawkcab
Garfield: New shocked expression.
Jon: Tell me what you think of my new poem, Garfield.
{Poem is titled "My Buddy"}
Poem: I have a buddy. My buddy's a toad. He's kind of muddy, He's flat on the road. But, he is my buddy, My buddy to stay. 'Til he's peeled up And sailed away.
{Garfield walks away trembling}
Jon: Garfield?
Jon: Stopped breathing, I see.
{Recap finally ends. Jon and Garfield are in a train; next to them are Grafield and the flea.}
Jon: You've really changed in eight years, Garfield.
Garfield: Have we dynamite?

The author writes:

Click a part of the transcript to see which Square Root of Minus Garfield strip it's from.

Additionally used original strips: 1988-06-19 and 2016-06-10 (Jon's dialogue) and 2000-03-04 (first panel).

I have too much free time.

Original strips: 1988-06-19, 2000-03-04, 2016-06-10.