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No. 2699: Pet Sounds

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Pet Sounds

First | Previous | 2016-10-08 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2699

Strip by: Rand al'Thor

Jon: {looking at Garfield} You're the best girlfriend ever!
Jon: {looking at Liz} And you're the best pet ever!
{Jon has left}
Garfield: {to Liz} He's still upset about Fire Emblem Fates

The author writes:

From what I understand, the original Japanese version of Fire Emblem Fates, a video game for the Nintendo 3DS, had a minigame wherein you could pet your human characters. This was removed from the Western releases of the game, prompting a number of Fire Emblem fans to boycott this game and start petitions to Nintendo to add the minigame back (though they phrased their complaints in terms of poor localization of the game).

Maybe Jon is one of those people.

[[Original strip: 2016-02-26.]]

Original strip: 2016-02-26.