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No. 2696: Scaredy Jumped

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Scaredy Jumped

First | Previous | 2016-10-05 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2696

Strip by: Catjaz63

Garfield: Welcome to "Garfield's Horror Theater"
{Framed image of a sleeping Garfield in a Garfield collection with the text "Study this picture very closely" at the top}
Garfield: You have been watching "Garfield's Horror Theater"

The author writes:

In Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt 2, there's an area with this framed picture that you can inspect. A few seconds after your screen stays on this image, there's a jumpscare. Yes, there's a jumpscare in a Garfield game. And unfortunately I played this game when I was a kid and it instantly traumatized me. In fact, the entire game traumatized me.

[[Original strip: 2006-10-28.]]

Original strip: 2006-10-28.