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No. 2648: Painfully Posh and Vivaciously Verbose Cartoonist Jon Arbuckle and Feline Garfield

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Painfully Posh and Vivaciously Verbose Cartoonist Jon Arbuckle and Feline Garfield

First | Previous | 2016-08-18 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2648

Strip by: MadDogBV

Jon: It is with great pleasure that I bid you welcome to our comic strip in this, the year of 1978, the 19th of June. I would like to introduce myself; I am an artist - to be specific, a creator of a sequence of drawings arranged to humorous effect. The feline of orange hue to which I point is Garfield, this comic's titular familiar.
Garfield: Indeed, Jon is correct on all fronts. I am the titular orange feline of this comic strip, and to further articulate the point, the man to my left with the brown hair and aqua blue shirt is my cartoonist, figuratively and literally, Jon Arbuckle.
Jon: Friends and neighbors, you are in for quite a treat. As a heartfelt gesture to our readers, we declare our sole and solitary purpose is to entertain you with our humorous antics.
Garfield: Enough of the pussyfooting. It's time for my tea.

The author writes:

You will of course notice, as should be obvious and eminent, that the original comic has been scaled from the high-resolution original as provided on Garfield.com to an even higher resolution. The intent of this was due to the fact that it is difficult to incorporate the humorous effect that I have intended with the ludicrous verbosity of Jon Arbuckle and feline Garfield with the limited space as provided in the thought bubbles, without making severe alterations to the comic's structure. At the same time, I did not wish to make the comic difficult to read and digest by exponentially increasing the resolution of this image to a point that it would be not comfortable for casual viewing on computers with monitors of standard resolution. The result of what I have come up with, I feel, is a fitting compromise between both extremes in order to achieve my intended result. With this being said, I hope that this derivative art is able to inspire further derivations from the able and ready author base of Square Root of Minus Garfield, a submission-driven webcomic featured on Mezzacotta.net, a website hosted by brilliant Australian physicist and Comic Irregular David Morgan-Mar, with assistance from regular contributor and computer science fiend Manyhills.

[[Original strip: 1978-06-19.]]

Original strip: 1978-06-19.