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No. 2429: Bloom County 2015field

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Bloom County 2015field

First | Previous | 2016-01-12 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2429

Strip by: Superfoo Turret Opera

Narration: Our candidates now realize they will be getting no "federal matching funs."
Opus: The cat twizzling {don't ask} has been cancelled.
Opus: Fun's over!! Send the celebrity volunteers home!!.
{Binkley holds Garfield, ready to be twizzled, in his arms.}
{Jon looks on at the scene, presumably aghast that Garfield volunteered to be twizzled.}

The author writes:

There have been a couple of Bloom County influences in SRoMG; and Bloom County collective has always riffed off of Garfield, mostly in the form of Bill the Cat. Here's another one. I wasn't sure about cat twizzling or what it was when I read the original comic, but I think Jon's look gives it away. And don't ask about cat twizzling. -Mgmt.

[[Original strip: 2004-07-01.

Original Bloom County 2015: 2015-09-28.]]

Original strip: 2004-07-01.