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No. 241: Continuity: Negative

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Continuity: Negative

First | Previous | 2010-01-11 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=241

Strip by: Len Pitre

{Jon and Garfield are sitting in the lounge room. A mouse walks by.}
Mouse: Squeak.
Jon: Fine! Just let him walk by!
{The entire house crashes down on top of Jon and Garfield.}

The author writes:

Garfield is, for the most part, continuity-neutral, each strip self-contained and maintaining the status quo. Sometimes it lapses into "positive" continuity (like a themed week of strips, or Liz becoming Jon's girlfriend) and sometimes into "negative" continuity (Garfield destroys something that comes back without explanation next strip, the ever-shifting colour and design of recurring objects). So, what if one strip were taken to both extremes?

Negative Continuity is based upon 1993-08-19 with a slightly modified panel from 1985-08-04. I admit it's more of a non sequitur, and it wouldn't be negative continuity if I intended to do a series of modified strips showing a long hospitalisation for our heroes and a rebuilding of their house, but I don't, so... tah-dah!

Original strips: 1985-08-04, 1993-08-19.