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No. 2354: Transfunny Gags! 1

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Transfunny Gags! 1

First | Previous | 2015-10-29 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2354

Strip by: Farhan Malek

{Sign says 'Jon's Phone'}
{Jon was about to take his phone.}
{Then, Garfield suddenly came out of nowhere and smashed Jon's phone.}
Jon: Hey!
{After that, Garfield disappears and the sign now reads 'Garfield Smashed Jon's Phone'.}
Jon {looks so angry}: Curses! I will get you for this, Garfield!

The author writes:

Ha! Ha! Ha! As I see, SRoMG contains too many gags! It was all 'Donut Gag', 'Sour Milk Gag', 'Ringtone Gag' and 'Frozen Pudding Pops Gag'! Now, I have united all of the first three gags in a series of strips for all of you!

It is known that Garfield was making a joke about the next week's gag, as he smashed the phone before Jon gets it and Garfield replaced it with the sign 'Garfield Smashed Jon's Phone' and Jon gets angry for that!

[[Original strips: 2012-04-02, 2012-04-09.]]

Original strips: 2012-04-02, 2012-04-09.