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No. 2342: Square Root of Minus Skeeter

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Square Root of Minus Skeeter

First | Previous | 2015-10-17 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2342

Strip by: Dr. Manny

{Skeeter and Gordon are sprite characters in a black background}
Skeeter: Hey, Gordon, check it out! We're sprites!
Gordon: Cool, ain't it? Now we can star in our own video game!
{The duo are suddenly approached by Jon Arbuckle, followed by a group of Garfield sextuplets}
Jon: Hello! Welcome to the Land of Exploding Garfields!
{Sure enough, the sixth Garfield explodes. Why else would it be called "The Land of Exploding Garfields"?}
Jon: Anyone wanna climb Hedgehog Mountain?
{The mountain in question is the Paramount mountain littered with Sonics who are obviously in pain. For Pete's sake, some are severed heads!}
Skeeter and Gordon: ...
{As they ponder, Jon continues to expect an answer as the fifth Garfield explodes, further hammering in the point that they're in the Land of Exploding Garfields}
Gordon: Yeah, we should leave. Now.
Skeeter: Way ahead of you.

The author writes:

This is the first time I've ever done a sprite comic, and it sure was NOT EASY. I got the idea from a YouTube video. I also wanted to experiment a little with black comedy.

Also, I've created this comic with the intent on also publishing on the main Skeeter! website. I previously featured Skeeter! before, but this time, I wanted to do a full crossover. I LOVE crossovers.

Garfield sprites from SRoMG #21. Sources for Sonic sprites: #1, #2. Source for Paramount mountain is here. The Skeeter and Gordon sprites are my own creation.