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No. 2148: Brickfield 3: Memory Loss

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Brickfield 3: Memory Loss

First | Previous | 2015-04-06 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2148

Strip by: Wibi

Strip 1:
{Garfield stares at the sky}
{...and tilts his head down as a huge drop of water falls to the ground}
SFX: Splat
{An unusually small puddle is left behind}
Garfield: A very short but neat rain shower.
Strip 2:
{Odie hops along the puddle from Strip 1}
{Garfield looks at Odie, now offscreen}
{Garfield stares at a fish jumping out from the puddle}
Strip 3:
Jon: {in the puddle with swimming gear on} Pardon me. Which is the way to Cincinnati?
{Garfield points to the right. Jon looks to where he's pointing}
Jon: Thanks.
Garfield: I see by the ol' writing on the wall it's time to check myself into the Funny Farm.
Strip 4, set 32 years in the future:
Jon: {offscreen} YAH!
{Garfield walks towards Jon}
Jon: This puddle was deeper than it looked!
{Garfield keeps walking}
{Garfield walks away}
Garfield: Like he needed to point that out.
Jon: {offscreen: A little help...

The author writes:

Well, can't blame him for forgetting all about the puddle when there was so much other more notable stuff happening back then.

[[Original strips: 1982-09-21, 1982-09-22, 1982-09-23, 2014-09-13.]]

Original strips: 1982-09-21, 1982-09-22, 1982-09-23, 2014-09-13.