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No. 2145: Morris: His 9 Lives

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Morris: His 9 Lives

First | Previous | 2015-04-03 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2145

Strip by: DanielBT

Jon: I'm turning the tables on Morris. I'm stealing his dinner
Jon: I have Morris's food! I have Morris's food!
Morris: What's all the commotion about?
Text: Does your cat refuse to eat the food you set out for him?
Jon: Okay Mr. Finicky eater, here’s your dinner
Morris: What is it?
Jon: It's coquille saint-jacques garnished with Belgian endive and laced with French truffles
Morris: Again?!
Text: There's only one dry cat food good enough for the world's one finicky cat.
Morris: Hey, Odie, do you know what they put in dog food?
Morris: Dog food has lizards and yak lips and gum that's already been chewed and aluminium siding...
Morris: And some stuff you wouldn't even want to know about
Jon: Morris! We're out of cat food. You'll have to eat dog food today
Morris: Okay
Odie: (Urp)
Jon: What's with Odie?
Morris: Must have been something he ate
9 Lives tm Brand Cat Food:
The only food good enough for this finicky cat.
(Accept no subsistutions)

The author writes:

While looking up cat commercials on Youtube, I happened to chance upon Morris, a fat tabby cat who was the spokescat for 9 Lives cat food. Interestingly enough, the first "Morris" died in 1978, around the same time Garfield made his debut.

I also used my newspaper copy of the last strip because I liked the pale green of Odie’s expression better, which was missing in the online version.

[[Original strips: 1990-03-14, 1985-08-14, 1989-01-15.]]

Original strips: 1985-08-14, 1989-01-15, 1990-03-14.