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No. 2113: Derpfield

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First | Previous | 2015-03-02 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2113

Strip by: Cartoonosaurus Rex

{The title is edited to make it read "DERPfield". Garfield is cross-eyed, wearing a dunce cap and drooling. The registered trademark symbol is reversed.}
{Odie hops over to Jon.}
{Garfield walks up to the two.}
Jon: I hate you, Odie.
{Odie hops away, with the drool from the title splahing onto his head.}
{Jon looks at Garfield.}
Garfield: OHAI JON
{Jon takes a sip of his coffee.}
{Garfield smacks Jon on the back of his head, which for some reason gives Jon a mustache.}
Caption: Suddenly, mustache.
Jon: Garfield!
Garfield: I hate you, too.

The author writes:

[[Original strip: 2011-06-05.]]

Original strip: 2011-06-05.