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No. 2111: Armchair Warrior

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Armchair Warrior

First | Previous | 2015-02-28 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2111

Strip by: Sloublues

{Garfield bounds past a scratching post and begins clawing an armchair.}
{Smoke rises from where a chunk of the armchair is missing. Garfield is nowhere to be seen. The scratching post is unharmed.}

The author writes:

Evidently this is an old armchair, from before the use of nitroglycerin in furniture was banned. In a twist of fate, Garfield blows himself to bits through relatively mild misbehavior. Dark humour indeed, but the proximity of the scratching post to the armchair raises questions.

Jon presumably put the post there so that Garfield would claw it rather than the chair - but was it for the chair's safety or Garfield's? Was Jon not aware that the chair might be explosive? If he was, why didn't he get a new one? Did he think that the post would be cheaper than a new armchair, and that with it in position, Garfield would never ever be tempted to take a swipe at the chair? This is possible, because Jon's behaviour is often incredibly naive. And yet, Jon also likes to set traps for Garfield. Electrified cookie jars, seemingly unguarded plates of food, etc. So there is a darker possibility: that Jon set a death trap for his buddy, and Garfield plunged straight in. And, somewhere, Jon hears the explosion and smirks with satisfaction.

Yet another possibility is that I just wanted an excuse to use the POW! panel, and have deliberately confused nitroglycerin with asbestos for that purpose.

[[Original strip: 1980-08-29.]]

Original strip: 1980-08-29.