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No. 2089: How to Answer "What are you doing?" Without Knowing What You're Doing

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How to Answer

First | Previous | 2015-02-06 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2089

Strip by: Edwin Chee

{Garfield balances on top of Odie with one leg, while Odie balances on two right feet}
{Jon arrives at the scene}
Jon: What are you doing?
{Garfield and Odie stops balancing, both looking at Jon angrily while walking away}
Garfield: Is that a trick question?

The author writes:

This joke seems to be used a fair bit from what I checked, so it struck me as something anybody could respond to if they are tasked to answer this question without knowing what they're doing. That's why when I saw this comic, I thought Garfield could answer this and it would still be funny.

Also, when I first saw this comic, I thought Odie walked, but while writing this transcript, I realise they weren't moving at all. Goes to show that by writing transcripts, you will notice more details than you would normally see, if you're the type that needs to write down specific things.

[[Original strip: 1993-07-12.]]

Original strip: 1993-07-17.