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No. 2071: Meta-Mashupability

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First | Previous | 2015-01-19 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2071

Strip by: Edwin Chee

{Garfield 1 is about to kick Garfield 2 off the table}
{Garfield 1 pushes Garfield 2 off the table}
Garfield 1: One thing I love about me...
{A puff of smoke remains where Garfield 2 used to be}
Garfield 1: I'm so mashupable.

The author writes:

So how this idea came about is funny... I made a thread where I asked if there are other newspaper comics that would be able to receive the "Square Root of Minus" treatment, and it appears that this trait is quite unique to Garfield since several suggestions were somewhat more difficult to pull off. Peanuts is stated to have too many characters, Calvin and Hobbes has too complex artwork to easily execute ideas, while single-panel comics have little in a way of continuity. In addition to this, I discovered a link on DanielBT's blog on how Garfield is a very mashupable comic, which makes it very special since its several traits encourages creativity.

In summary, Garfield's combination of artwork that is simple to edit, familiarity in terms of characters and popularity, dialogue and structure independent of the the context, and structured layout makes it a very remixable comic. There could be more reasons Garfield is remixable, but these are the reasons I could think of.

[[Original strips: 1985-01-05, 1985-12-07.]]

Original strips: 1985-01-05, 1985-12-07.