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No. 2060: Overused Doooggg!

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Overused Doooggg!

First | Previous | 2015-01-08 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2060

Strip by: Justadoo444

{Garfield is walking by}
{A light blue dog on a bungee cord flattens Garfield}
SFX: Whoooomp!
{Garfield is flattened when the dog goes up}
Dog: Bungee Doggg!
{Garfield is walking by and notices a target on the wall.}
{Garfield stands in front of the target to ponder it. We hear a slingshot.}
Garfield: ?
SFX: Toing!
{The dog now slingshots into Garfield, breaking some of the wall in the process.}
Dog: Sling-Shot Doooggg!!
{Garfield is sitting and bored. However, some sawing is happening above.}
SFX: Shikka Shikka Shikka Shikka Shikka Shikka
{Crumbs of ceiling fall onto Garfield, who is now alarmed.}
{The dog finally comes down and flattens Garfield once more. He still holds his saw from panels before.}
Dog: Aaattic Doooggg!!
{Garfield looks around before heading out, expecting to see the dog.}
{While heading out, Garfield is flattened by the dog, tongue extened like a red carpet.}
Dog: Roooof Doooggg!!
{Garfield stared at his coffee and laments that it is cold.}
Garfield: Eeewww... Cold Coffee.
{The Dog whoompos through something, presumably the what-used-to-be-a-door and flattens Garfield again, refill of coffee in hand.}
SFX: Whoompo
Dog: Warm-up Doooggg!
{Garfield hears a Ding Dong from outside.}
SFX: Ding-Dong
{Garfield comes to the door, doorbell still ringing.}
SFX: Ding-Dong
{The dog opens the door and flattens Garfield with it, a la cartoons.}
Dog: Dooorrrr Doooggg!
{Garfield looks around frantically to see if the dog is coming.}
{After a panel, garfield notices there's no dog}
Garfield: Whew...
{However, his refief is cut short as the dog, recolored, opens a trap door from below which flattens Garfield for the 7th time in a row.}
Dog: Trapdoor Doooggg!

The author writes:

Once upon a time, I found the original 6 doooggg! comics by the Garfield Daily Comics mobile app's randomiser feature. I planned now about a week or two ago to submit this to SRoMG, but I had been lazy and didn't feel like transcripting. Now, when I went to get the dates for the strips, I used the searcher from the Submit page and found the last one with the brown dog! Very nice call back.

[[Original strips: 2001-10-22, 2001-10-23, 2001-10-24, 2001-10-25, 2001-10-26, 2001-10-27, 2002-07-20.]]

Original strips: 2001-10-22, 2001-10-23, 2001-10-24, 2001-10-25, 2001-10-26, 2001-10-27, 2002-07-20.