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No. 2034: Zappin' T-shirt

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Zappin' T-shirt

First | Previous | 2014-12-13 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2034

Strip by: Dr. Manny

Jon: {off-panel} Hey! Here's a clean shirt!
{Garfield takes a sip of the coffee in the next panel}
Jon: I don't know why I've never worn this one...
{Jon shows up wearing a Sonichu T-shirt. Garfield reacts by doing a spit-take.}
SFX: Spoot

The author writes:

The character on Jon's shirt is Sonichu, titular character of what is said to be one of the worst webcomics of all time. The strip was originally about this character, a hybrid of Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu. However, it quickly became a vanity project for its creator, Christian Weston Chandler, and the focus shifted to an embellished version of himself embarking on convoluted adventures. The comic is infamous for its violations of copyright laws, and the comic's depictions of people the creator knows in real life. You can read the comic here (if you dare).

[[Original strip: 2010-02-12.]]

Original strip: 2010-02-12.