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No. 1841: Fair Exchange

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Fair Exchange

First | Previous | 2014-06-03 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1841

Strip by: Edwin Chee

{Garfield with Jon's body is sleeping soundly}
Garfield (with Jon's body): {Sleeping} Z
{Garfield with Jon's body is still sleeping soundly}
Garfield (with Jon's body): {Sleeping} Z
{Garfield with Jon's body is disturbed by Jon in Garfield's body's interference}
SFX: Clickety Clickety Clickety
{Jon with Garfield's body dancing on Garfield's head}
SFX: Clickety Clickety Clack Clack
{Garfield with Jon's body is wide awake while Jon in Garfield's body is still dancing}
Garfield (with Jon's body): I'm awake! I'm awake!
{Jon in Garfield's body stopped dancing}
Garfield (with Jon's body): You've never done the flamenco to get me up before.
Garfield (with Jon's body): The castanets were a nice touch.
Jon (with Garfield's body): That's because I care.

The author writes:

In Garfield and Friends, there was an episode ("Fair Exchange") in Season 1 where Jon and Garfield had a dream sequence in which Garfield and Jon switched bodies (literally). One of the parts is Jon (with Garfield's body) dancing to wake Garfield (with Jon's body) up, which was based on the comic above. This edit reflects the changes in full circle. If you're wondering why Jon has that blue bowtie, it's because that episode gave Jon with Garfield body that extra detail. Why is that? No idea.

It should be noted that Garfield and Friends would sometimes use gags from the comic in some form, such as Garfield gluing Odie on the table upside-down (in the same episode, no less).

[[Original strips: 1985-04-14, 1984-09-04, 1984-09-13, 1985-04-15, 1985-04-26, 1984-10-10, 1981-01-31, 1989-01-08, 1984-08-12, 1986-04-25, 1988-05-18, 1985-04-17.]]

Original strips: 1981-01-31, 1984-08-12, 1984-09-04, 1984-09-13, 1984-10-10, 1985-04-14, 1985-04-15, 1985-04-17, 1985-04-26, 1986-04-25, 1988-05-18, 1989-01-08.