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No. 1777: Calvin Makes a SRoMG Strip

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Calvin Makes a SRoMG Strip

First | Previous | 2014-03-31 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1777

Strip by: Negative N

{Calvin and Hobbes are making a strip using scissors and glue instead of on a computer}
Caption: Calvin Makes a SRoMG Strip
Hobbes: I always like cut-and-paste.
Calvin: We're making a SRoMG strip!
Calvin: Now I can send my strip to SRoMG! Oh, boy! People will see it!
Hobbes: Not for a while. It says to allow two months to appear.
Calvin {shocked}: TWO MONTHS?!?
Calvin: I'll be OLD then!
Hobbes: And I'm sure our strip will be the talk of the rest home.
{Calvin has the SRoMG logo in his head on the bus}
{Calvin has the SRoMG logo in his head in a desk}
{Calvin elatedly leaves the bus with the SRoMG logo in his head}
Calvin {excited}: Mom! Mom! Did my strip enter the buffer?
Mom: Are you kidding? I just sent it to David Morgan-Mar this morning.
Calvin {dejected}: I'm never going to make it two months.
Calvin {hopeful}: Gosh, I can't wait for my strip to appear! I hope it enters the buffer soon! Do you think it will? It's probably been two weeks by now, don't you think?
Calvin: I sent him one with a witty pun. But what if DMM doesn't like that one? What if he uses my alternate slapstick one? That one's fine too, but I like the former more.
Calvin: I've always wanted to make a SRoMG strip! It'll be so cool when people see it! Wow! My witty pun... or my slapstick. Do you think it'll enter the buffer tomorrow? Do you?
Hobbes: {he hasn't been able to get any sleep, so he's pretty annoyed} It had sure better.
Calvin: Yeah, that's how I feel too.
{Calvin, with a jovial mood, sits on a desk}
{A collage of many, many SRoMG strips}*
Mom: How was school today!
Calvin {excited}: Oh, it was a blast! ...Did my strip enter the buffer today?
Calvin {praying}: Please let my strip enter the buffer today! I promise I won't ever be bad again! I'll do whatever you want!
Calvin: Please, please, please! I'll never ask another favor if today's the day my strip enters the buffer!
Calvin {excited}: Did my strip enter the buffer.
Mom, most likely {off-screen}: Nope.
Calvin {disillusioned}: What's it take, huh?!
Calvin {dejected}: I can't believe this. Every day I get all my hopes up, thinking my strip will enter the buffer... and then it doesn't.
Calvin: And for each day that goes by, I figure the odds are better that it will enter the next day, so my hopes get higher and higher before they fall. It's awful.
Calvin: But I've been disappointed so often now, I've finally gotten numb to it.
Hobbes {thinking}: Maybe DMM checked his e-mail and added the strip in the last five minutes.
{Calvin has either run off the check his e-mail or spontaneously combusted from the sudden excitement}
Calvin {excited}: Wow! I never thought of that! C'mon!
Hobbes {weary}: He's not numb.
{Calvin waits and is bored}
{Calvin waits and is even more bored}
{Calvin suddenly gets excited}
{Calvin runs off}
{Calvin checks from a mailbox maladroitly edited to look like a desktop computer}
Calvin {annoyed}: The longer you wait for the mail, the less there is in it.
Calvin {in complete dispair}: I'm home. My strip isn't in the buffer, is it?
Mom {cheerful}: As a matter of fact, it is!
Calvin {completely elated}: It's in!
Hobbes: You do know that we have to wait for the strip to be published, right?
Calvin: {devasted}: Oh, no!
Hobbes {childishly}: SRoMG doesn't need another Pudding Pops strip anyhow!

The author writes:

Sometimes I've been distraught at the long-seeming times it can take for a strip to enter the Square Root of Minus Garfield buffer. Somehow, those times have reminded me of the 1989 Calvin and Hobbes arc (I may be mistaken about the date; the strip had entered sabbatical several times) wherein Calvin orders a propeller beanie, but becomes overwhelmed with his waiting for the beanie to come. I decided to blend these two things into a strip for the site.

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