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No. 1760: Gotta Dance

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Gotta Dance

First | Previous | 2014-03-14 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1760

Strip by: Sir Bacon

{Garfield and Jon are dancing}
Jon: Gotta dance!

The author writes:

In The PreHistory of The Far Side: A 10th Anniversary Exhibit, Gary Larson writes of a strip turned into a poster:

"When the finished posters arrived, I was interested to see they had... made the one penguin (who's singing 'I Gotta Be Me') yellow - the others remained black and white.

In other words, the entire point of the cartoon had been reversed. In the original version, I was being cynical about the futility of trying to be unique in a sea of commonality. But by making just the singing penguin yellow... the cartoon then made the same point the song originally intended."

It struck me as I was looking at my "Gotta Dance" image that by having Garfield and Jon dancing together, I was performing a similar sort of reversal on Jim Davis as whoever made the edit for that Far Side poster. Less cynicism and wit, more idealism and music.

[[Original strip: 2002-09-24.]]

Original strip: 2002-09-24.