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No. 1703: Galloping Alien

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Galloping Alien

First | Previous | 2014-01-16 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1703

Strip by: Thomas Mears

SFX: Gallop Gallop Gallop Gallop
{Garfield cranes his neck around in a alarming fashion whilst holding a container of an unknown substance that is entirely unrelated to this plot.}
Garfield: It's a space alien!
{Jon looks on amazed as Garfield has resigned calmly to the facts of the situation}

The author writes:

I just made my own Garfield randomiser and this was the first one that came up that made sense. I basically just fixed the grammar in the second panel.

[[Original strips: 1980-12-16, 2006-05-29, 2005-12-23.

Admin note: We do not accept strips created by randomisers any more. (The last randomiser strip we published resulted in dozens of people submitting randomised strips within the following 24 hours - far too many for us to publish.) This submission was granted an exception because the author actually coded a new randomiser.]]

Original strips: 1980-12-16, 2005-12-23, 2006-05-29.