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No. 1682: Through the Fourth Wall

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Through the Fourth Wall

First | Previous | 2013-12-26 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1682

Strip by: Alien@System

{The Garfield strip has been bend into a three-dimensional loop, repeating itself once.}
{On the flat panels in the center, Garfield is seen holding a orange tail in his hand and staring in disbelief at his behind, which is visible under the strip, the tail being pulled by the Garfield on the other side of the loop.}
Other frames, partly visible:
{Garfield is sitting behind a dirty window}
Garfield: You'd never know it was such a sunny day outside.
Garfield: Jon should clean these windows once in a while.
{Garfield has cleaned the window}
Garfield: Much better.
{Jon walks past some time later, Garfield is gone}
Jon: Hey!
Jon: Who left this window.
{Jon collides with the window}
Jon: Nyopen

The author writes:

I stumbled (via SRoMG of course) over the 1993-09-12 strip, and the surreal humour of the title panel was funnier for me than the strip itself, so I went ahead and cranked it up a bit. I thought about combining the strip with 1992-01-04, but decided that the three-dimensional shape and the loop would be better. I tried around for quite a while to find a nice-looking loop shape, but the problem is that most interesting shapes (like, say, a Möbius strip) would not achieve the 180° rotation needed for the joke to work. Well, maybe I'll find another strip where the Möbius symmetry can be used.

[[Original strip: 1993-09-12.]]

Original strips: 1992-01-04, 1993-09-12.