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No. 1660: 3-Bit RGBfield

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3-Bit RGBfield

First | Previous | 2013-12-04 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1660

Strip by: Midnight Strike

{Two versions of the same strip rendered in 3-bit RGB color are shown, one with dithering, and one with no dithering}
Jon: Stop being so melodramatic, Garfield. You've only been on your diet for ten minutes.
Garfield: Mmm, food! {eats a plate of food}
Garfield: I love food! {eats food off of a table}
Jon: Garfield! Your eating is out of control!
Garfield: More food! {eats Jon}
Garfield {eating food delivered by vehicles}: More trainloads of food! Air-drop food into my mouth! More cattle! Hurry! I'm hungry!
Garfield {in space}: Ahhh! Dessert!
{Garfield wakes up from dream}
Garfield: The only good thing about a diet is the great dreams.

The author writes:

Consider this a follow-up to Game Boy Garfield. I decided to render this comic in 3-bit RGB, with and without dithering.

[[Original strip: 1987-05-17]]

Original strip: 1987-05-17.