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No. 1638: One Warped Wish

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One Warped Wish

First | Previous | 2013-11-12 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1638

Strip by: Midnight Strike

Donut: I am a magic donut!
Donut: I can grant you any wish!
Garfield: {pulls out well-dressed celery} How about one day where the fabric of reality is entirely nonexistent, a day where absolutely anything can happen, even when you don't expect it?
Caption: The next day...
Announcer: ...We did have some amazing footage of that downtown fire, but Dan in editing purposely erased it...
Announcer: So, instead of exciting fire footage, we present Dan in the mouth of an ugly monster with a trumpet protruding from his nostrils!
{Garfield looks in horror}
{A man is shown in the mouth of an Eelektross with a trumpet in his nose}
Garfield: Can this day get any better?
Jon: {with the head of an alien} Ants have eaten the fabric of reality.
Garfield: {with physical mutations in front of a psychedelic background} Well, yes it can!

The author writes:

Don't ask how I got this idea. (HINT: no drugs were used.)

[[Original strips: 2001-07-23, 2003-08-28, 2001-05-18, 2000-10-08, 2013-07-25.]]

Original strips: 2000-10-08, 2001-05-18, 2001-07-23, 2003-08-28, 2013-07-25.