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No. 1609: Doctor WhoField

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Doctor WhoField

First | Previous | 2013-10-14 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1609

Strip by: randomdude

{Jon is sitting at his computer while Garfield watches}
Jon: I have no emails or messages.
{Jon looks worried}
Jon: This can only mean one thing...
Jon: Eknodine!
{"Garfield" has turned towards Jon, a green stalk of some sort with an eye on it coming out of his mouth.}

The author writes:

The Doctor Who serial: "Amy's Choice" involves The Doctor, Amy, and Rory on the run from aliens called "Eknodine" who have assumed the appearance of senior citizens and almost completely wiped out a town's populace using a poisonous liquid sprayed from their mouths and strange appendages with eyes on them.

With that episode on my mind, I read today's Garfield strip, and wondered if that was the case when Jon meant: "Aliens".

[[Original strip: 2013-06-08.]]

Original strip: 2013-06-08.