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No. 1607: Life with Linus

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Life with Linus

First | Previous | 2013-10-12 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1607

Strip by: Peter Makholm

Garfield: Life is filled with joy!
{Linus form Peanuts goes by}
Garfield: Life was just toying with me.

The author writes:

A few minutes after applying the frozen pudding pops comment to this strip this rather bad follow up occured to me.

[[Original strip: 2007-04-07.

Admin note: Just clearing out some old strips submitted back in 2011 and not published at the time because of an overload of... well, you know what. There are still over 50 more variants on this theme at the bottom of the submission slush pile. They may see the light of day one day, or they may be allowed to turn into peat, and eventually coal. Civilisations of the future may one day run on energy provided by fossilised, unpublished SRoMG strips.]]

Original strip: 2007-04-07.