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No. 1534: Lyman?

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First | Previous | 2013-07-31 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1534

Strip by: Densetsu Bros

Jon: {reading newspaper} "If space aliens were to invade Earth, they could take the form of animals."
Jon: {Seeing a photo of Lyman on the front page} Is that Lyman?
Garfield: He was one of them.

The author writes:

Lyman was an alien advance scout sent to see if Earth was habitable for his people to begin a full invasion. However, after seeing the terrible living conditions of Jon and Garfield, he soon returned to his alien superiors and reported that Earth was completely inhospitable. Odie was left behind to spy on Earth in case things changed. This explains Lyman's sudden appearance in the strip as well as his sudden disappearance.

[[Original strip: 2013-04-02.]]

Original strip: 2013-04-02.