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No. 1505: Polyphemus's Donut

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Polyphemus's Donut

First | Previous | 2013-07-02 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1505

Strip by: Nigel

{a lone donut sitting at the table}
Sign: Polyphemus's donut
{a marble statue of Odysseus walks past the donut}
Sign: Polyphemus's donut
{Polyphemus (portrayed by a one-eyed Jon) sits beside the empty plate where the donut was}
Sign: Nobody ate
Sign: Polyphemus's donut

The author writes:

Continued from #1412. I think we all know Odysseus wouldn't admit so easily to eating the donut.

[[Original strip: 2012-04-09.

Admin note: No more than two hours after this submission, we received the following submission from Kenotooth:

alternative comic #1505

After seeing "Odysseus" (No. 1412), I was inspired by one of his adventures.

As well as Percy Jackson...]]

Original strip: 2012-04-09.