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No. 1335: Jon's Chat Screen X

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Jon's Chat Screen X

First | Previous | 2013-01-13 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1335

Strip by: The Madb

{A "ChatMouth" chat room window}
<Stephan0 has entered the chat room>
Stephan0: My name is Stephano. I am very rich and macho.
Stephan0: Anyone want to chat?
Madd0x: I call bull***t. I bet you are neither rich nor macho. I bet you're some pathetic comic strip writer who pens one criminally boring comic after another when you're not licensing the hell out of your creation, putting it on toys, bags, napkins, paper cups, socks and tampons, traumatizing millions with your bland humor week after tragic week.
<Stephan0 has left the chat room>

The author writes:

The criticism here is cut-up and put into one sentence from Maddox' website "The Best Page In The Universe," (warning: coarse language) and is from his rant (warning: coarse language) about the Garfield comic strip and Jim Davis. Jim has a pretty resilient ego, but if Jon were hit with this sort of ire, I think he'd fold up into a little ball of cry.

Based on SRoMG #164, #1272, and #1284.

[[Original strip: 1999-12-03.]]

Original strip: 1999-12-03.