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No. 1281: Donut Wars

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Donut Wars

First | Previous | 2012-11-20 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1281

Strip by: Cody

{a lone donut sitting at the table}
Sign: Jon's donut
{Garfield walks past the donut}
Sign: Jon's donut
{Jon sits beside the empty plate where the donut was}
Sign: Odie ate Jon's donut

The author writes:

Upon seeing #1148 (which was based on one of my own strips, #1106), I decided that since there's now three different versions of the strip, all of which have their own amusing stories told about what happened to the donut, it was only natural to say that Odie really ate the donut. I picked the title "Donut Wars" because this may just end up being a new meme (even though it wasn't intended). With six different characters in the strip, there can be all kinds of combinations as to who really ate it. It could even be someone different occasionally (like a character from one of those other shows that's been used in a few strips). But I never intended for it to become a meme or anything (not even for the strip to be used a second time). It was originally a one-shot strip, until that new one (#1148) came along. Then again, most strips on here were originally one-shots.

[[Original strip: 2012-04-09.]]

Original strip: 2012-04-09.