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No. 127: A Week in a Day

First | Previous | 2009-08-04 | Next | Latest

A Week in a Day

First | Previous | 2009-08-04 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=127

Strip by: qvaak

Caption: A Week in a Day: Single Panel Garfield Strip Collection
1: Liz: {seeing Jon covered in cat hair} Shedding season already?
2: Jon: {arms wide, mouth wide open} Ah, nature!
2: SFX: ZZZZZ {A bee is flying straight into Jon's mouth}
2: Caption: Nature has a sense of humour
3: {Garfield looking at a hot and bright sun}
3: Caption: Today could use a dimmer switch
4: Off-panel voice: Hey! Bring that back! {Garfield is running off with a picnic basket}
4: Caption: A beautiful day for a picnic - unless you're those people
5: Rock: Hey cat, What'cha doin'?
5: Garfield: Nothing much. What are you doing?
5: Rock: Waiting for the next glacier.
5: Caption: Oh, to be a rock
6: Garfield: {offering a bag to Jon while munching on a burger} Squirrel burger?
6: Caption: One with nature
7: SFX: BONK! {A walnut falls out fo a tree and bounces off Garfield's head}
7: Caption: Nature s great—if you like concussions

The author writes:

More than applaud brevity (although modest brevity often pays off) or ridicule long comics, the lesson here is, that when you have a joke you want to make into a strip, choosing a format is only a matter of refinement. Most gags can be told in a single panel; most gags can be stretched into a nine panel monster.

Original strips: 2009-05-17, 2009-05-18, 2009-05-19, 2009-05-20, 2009-05-21, 2009-05-22, 2009-05-23.