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No. 1163: Garfield Retold's Retelling Retold

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Garfield Retold's Retelling Retold

First | Previous | 2012-07-25 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1163

Strip by: Henry Morel

What was I thinkin'? Describing comic number 101? Anyway, he dared us. I take up your dare, Xyzzy!
So first up, he explains what a comic is, then, he says he read a webcomic, (he explains that too) and he says he finds a written-out description of a real G-field comic and says it's weird. And he thinks a "comic" with no pictures is cool, and he says the author of G Retold called it a comic. (Did I mention Xyzzy's comic was Garfield Retold Retold?)
Then he makes a big mistake. He thinks the reason that GR had 4 paragraphs was because it was 4 panels long. Big mistake. Garfield has three panels, with 4 exceptions: 1) Sundays, where it is three times as long, 2) a "weekday" strip one panel long, where Jon & Lyman & Odie watch Garfield putting his face on the TV, 3) a "weekday" strip where a mouse draws a flower around a hole in the wall he drilled leading Garfield to get wet from foolishly sniffing it, and 4), where the middle panel has the same layout and panels 3 & 4 of 3).
He says the paragraphs were going down and right, giving him the feeling of time passing. Then, he says the text described the comic (pretty obvious, Xyzzy!) and he says he doesn't know what the comic is about (which confirms 1 of my theories, he doesn't know the comic or the strip, one guess which) and he says he goes back to mention things not said before (which once again gives me 2 theories; he either is not very smart, or his computer has this stupid feature where it... well, my laptop does that sometimes... for example, I type "sart" and want "smart" and I don't notice it till I start the next paragraph so I type "m" and it becomes "smrt".) apparently, he sent GRR in just as he read GR.
Oh, lord. It's the 2nd last paragraph and you finally get to the actual comic, Xyzzy!!!! He says the comic's about Garfield and Jon and how Garfield makes fun of Jon for getting electrocuted, asking if Jon's an electrician. Here he possibly confirms my theory about him not knowing the comic, describing Garfield as a "guy".
He then has a thought that apparently Jon is an electrician. Ba-bawng again! Jon is a cartoonist. Search "cartoonist" in the comic archives at Garfield.com.
He says his neighbour is an electrician and maybe this comic is aimed towards them.
Then it's end-of-story!!!!
I... dare... you... all... to... make... a... comic... describing... mine!!!

The author writes:

Admin note: This version of a retelling of #101 arrived not long after yesterday's strip. Rather than reject one of two very different takes on the same idea, we decided to run them both in succession.

[[Original strip: 2007-09-05.]]

Original strip: 2007-09-05.