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No. 1018: Cut and Paste Comic

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Cut and Paste Comic

First | Previous | 2012-03-02 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1018

Strip by: tardis2334

{All the last six panels of the comic are reused, with only text and speech bubbles changing}
Jon: Garfield, the stomach garage called, you're due for a 10,000 meal tune-up.
Jon: The Boy Scouts called... they want to help your stomach cross the street.
Jon: The hospital called... they want to donate your stomach to a blue whale.
Jon: The planetarium called... Your stomach is replacing Pluto as the ninth planet!
Jon: The stomach museum called, inviting you to do a one-man show.
Jon: Fat Watchers called... They want to come over and stare.
Garfield: All this talk is making me hungry.

The author writes:

The art in recent Garfield comics tends to frequently look like a cut-and-paste comic, so I decided to take it literally. All the last six panels are the same art with Jon's dialogue and the addition of Garfield's speech bubble in the final panel being the only changes.

[[Original strip: 2011-11-27.]]

Original strip: 2011-11-27.