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No. 911: Uh Oh, Here Comes Jon 2

Uh Oh, Here Comes Jon 2

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Strip by: Andrew Kepple

Jon {waking up}: Huh?! What's that noise?
Jon {turning on the lights}: Sounds like it's coming from the kitchen.
Jon {seeing Garfield hiding under a pizza}: Okay, who's in there?
Garfield: Ain't nobody in here but us anchovies.
Garfield: Oboy! Pizza!
Garfield {about to eat the pizza}: Uh-oh.
Jon {seeing Garfield balancing on one foot and covered in ice cream cones}: Now when did I get that ugly centerpiece?

The author writes:

A sequel to #416. How many times can this punchline be in a Garfield comic?

Original strips: 1981-11-06, 1990-05-03.