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No. 819: Mirror Universe Garfield

Mirror Universe Garfield

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Strip by: MadDogBV

Garfield: I hate commercials.
Garfield: I love commercials.
Garfield: I hate summer.
Garfield: I love summer.
Garfield: I hate snow.
Garfield: I love snow.

The author writes:

Whether it's due to Garfield's presumed fickle, binary nature, or Jim Davis' tendency to ignore continuity from years past (probably the latter), there are times in which long-time readers of Garfield may notice a discontinuity between strips. I made some moderate alterations in the dialogue to make the juxtaposition appear a lot more dramatic. Generally, the 1978 Garfield seems to be a heck of a lot grumpier and much less amicable type than the Garfields of later years.

To err is human, I suppose (or in this case, feline).

Original strips: 1978-08-04, 1978-09-20, 1981-09-16, 1987-01-04, 1997-02-05, 2007-06-27.