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No. 759: Actually Chaotic Garfield

Actually Chaotic Garfield

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Strip by: Lubaf

{Truly randomised pixels}

The author writes:

In contrast to my previous item, which was actually fairly orderly, this uses GIMP's Hurl tool to make an actually randomised version of the 1991-12-10 strip. Note the contrast with Chaotic Garfield, my previous submission; the difference between a Fractal (even a pathological one) and Random is actually surprisingly easy to notice on visual inspection.

Further note the file sizes of the three files; 116,924 bytes, vs. 573,293 bytes, vs. 840,691 bytes. For reference, 600×400×3 bytes per pixel (i.e., how large the image would be if left uncompressed) is 720,000.

Original strip: 1991-12-10.