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No. 714: Garfield Minus Any Kind Of Artistic Talent Two

Garfield Minus Any Kind Of Artistic Talent Two

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Strip by: Lubaf

Garfield: I need to express myself.
Garfield: So I took up painting.
Garfield: I call it "Stupid in Green".

The author writes:

After looking at my first "Minus Any Kind Of Artistic Talent" in "print", so to speak, I decided to make a strip that was much more "pure". To be more "pure", this strip uses the following measures:

Firstly, it only uses the crayon tool, as after looking at the first strip, I felt using anything else would be "cheating"; secondly, it was composed in the same scale as the result (the previous one was composed at 3× scale), except for the lettering (at a mere 2× scale); thirdly, it was composed all at once, rather than as individual panels and then joined together as the first was; fourthly, unlike the first strip, there's a spelling error and deviation from the original script; and finally, this was done even more quickly than the first. The result, hopefully, is even more inspiringly awful than the first "Garfield Minus Any Kind Of Artistic Talent".

Original strip: 2003-10-21