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No. 647: Garfield Plus High Art Minus Good Taste

Garfield Plus High Art Minus Good Taste

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Strip by: Lubaf

Van Gogh: I'm feeling artistic! I'm going to paint a painting!
Van Gogh: Where to start?
Garfield: Cut off an ear.

The author writes:

To those who say, "Dude, not funny", I must plead Refuge In Audacity and that I'm merely taking the joke to its logical conclusion. See also Wikipedia's page on Vincent van Gogh for an explanation of the joke.

Original Strip: Script from 1998-01-08; art from Van Gogh's "Self-portrait as an artist", found on Wikimedia commons, and Garfield taken from 2004-11-04, as the 1998 strip was too "busy" to be cut from cleanly.