Mezzacotta Cinematique
The Drama of the Magnetism and the Weird Yak
Angela Bassett, Claire Danes.
Plus a very exponential appearance by Rosie Perez.
The latest film in Tom Six's Melted Niece story.
M (nudity and abstract war humour) , 95 mins
This is an epic date movie, where an archer attends a kayaking match held by an illusionist.
The Abandon of the Alps
Carla Gugino, Rose Byrne, Shia LaBeouf.
The latest film in Sam Mendes's Unbroken Prominent Bird Watcher series.
PG13 (superfluous gore and coarse language) , 104 mins
A forgotten couple of magicians get a pet lizard, which bites the skull of four divers.
Operate on the Orphans
Paris Hilton, Taylor Swift, Betty White, Mila Kunis, Demi Moore.
From the team that brought you Encrusted Irony.
R18+ (science fiction imagery) , 145 mins
A couple of waifs propose to an elderly person.
Starring Sandra Bullock.
Directed by Guillermo del Toro.
MA15+ (explicit references and background peril) , 93 mins
A fireman is elegantly haunted by a busker, who goes on a shopping spree with some bards.
Flight Comes to Ankara
Kenneth Branagh, Ashton Kutcher, Robert Redford.
Directed by Brad Bird.
MA (frequent gambling language, yesterday and violent humour) , 113 mins
A gambler and a cowboy encounter a stripper who is in desperate need of a spouse.
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