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Page 35 - art by hmoulding, coloured by birdman
Page 41 - art by Hrothmeir
Page 42 - art by birdman
Page 36 - coloured by birdman

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10 February 2018 - Moved domains
I've let the old domain expire, and moved all the content over to I've also added some messages indicating that this project has stopped. Only 10 years late, but hey.

4 August 2008 - A new dialogue
Thanks to the Infinite Monkeys lupin1375 for dialogue and Darkling Perhaps for lettering, we have a new dialogue and lettering for page 28.

22 July 2008 - And a new coloured page

Not content to just draw completely new pages, birdman has also coloured page 3 of the Pitstop story arc, originally drawn in black and white by hmoulding.

19 July 2008 - Another new page
Birdman is busy filling in the intermediate pages of the Noblesse Oblige story arc, giving us this newly completed page. Part 2 of the arc is being split into two sub-pages, to fit in some clever visual humour.

6 July 2008 - Two new pages

Yep, we're still puttering away here. Actually, we have one new colouring and dialogue:
Pitstop, part 2

And one completely new completed page!:
Noblesse Oblige, part 3

Intriguingly, we don't yet have part 2 of the Noblesse Oblige story drawn, but birdman assures me he's working on it right now! :-)

26 March 2008 - More dialogue and a new story arc link

The extremely busy birdman has created lettering for drachefly's dialogue for the Missile Attack story arc, page 1 and page 2, which now lead logically on to the introduction of the Noblesse Oblige.

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